PirateCraft - Pirate themed minecraft server with moving ships and cannons

PirateCraft is a Pirate themed minecraft server run by Pirates! Yarr!
You can play right now Host: mc.piratemc.com

To thank PirateCraft mateys donating, we offer special donator ranks for these amazing players, Every one of the donator ranks inherits all the obtainable in-game ranks, these include; Sailor, Carpenter, Gunner and Boatswain Rank Perks, Permissions and features.
View all detailed rank information on our Rank and Commands page.

All Ranks donations last for 2 months, subscribing will gain you claim blocks and goodies each month.






3 Horse spawn egg & 1 Saddle

3 Horse eggs, 2 saddles & 2 Iron Horse Armour. 3 Horse eggs, 3 saddles & 3 Diamond Horse Armor,
1 Enderchest
Green Username

Green Username with Bronze Badge +

Green Username with Pink Badge +

/sethome 3 Set homes.

/sethome 4 Set homes.

/sethome 5 Set homes.

Lieutenant Kit & All Rank Kits Lieutenant Kit, Commander Kit & All Rank Kits Lieutenant Kit, Commander Kit, Captain Kit & All Rank Kits
Join Full Server Join Full Server & All Warps Join Full Server & All Warps
Inherit all in-game ranks Inherit all in-game ranks Inherit all in-game ranks
VIP Commands /top Quickly escape caves /top Quickly escape caves
  VIP Commands /back Teleport back to where you died
    Bypass Teleport Cooldown & Timers
    VIP Commands


After donator perks expire with no renewal, The player will be set to Sailor rank but getting a Dark Green Username to state they have donated to keep PIrateCraft alive, auto-rank will kick in and promote you automatically based on game statistics.