PvP Tag Pack

5.99 USD

What are tags?

Tags are cosmetic emotions you can show above your head to all players!

This pack unlocks 9 PvP pirate themed cosmetic overhead /tags you can toggle at will!

All tags are Permanent! They will not expire!

How do I enable and change tags?

You can change your tags at any time with /tags command in-game, there is no cooldown or limits to how often you can change a tag.

What Tags are included in this PvP Pack?

PirateCraft PvP tag pack
All included tags, click to enlarge

  1. Bloodthirsty Buccaneer
  2. Savage Swashbuckler
  3. Untamed Swashbuckler
  4. Scurvy Slayer
  5. Belligerent Buccaneer
  6. Ruthless Raider
  7. Bold Buccaneer
  8. Merciless Marauder
  9. Brash Brigand